Dr.DORCAS, Allen 杜文龍博士

Senior Teaching Fellow

MPs (Montréal)
BSc (Montréal)

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Psychology in Health Care
Counselling Psychology: Understanding and Helping Each Other
Theories and Models of Couselling
Integrative Project
Foundational Competencies (Group Supervision)
Counselling Practicum

Selected Publications: 


Dorcas, A. (2014). Teaching a Subject on Leadership and Intrapersonal Development : Some personal reflections.  International Journal of Disability and Human Development. 13(4).  

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Book Chapters: 

Dorcas, A. (1997).  Chinese Qigong Research: an Overview.  In H.R.S. Kao and D. Sinha (Eds.)(1997).  Asian Perspectives on Psychology.  USA & India: Sage publications.


Conference Abstract

Chow, Y.W.Y., Dorcas, A., & Siu, A.M.H. (2010).  The Effects of Qigong on Reducing Stress and Anxiety and Enhancing Body-Mind Well-Being. 7th Pan-Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation (PPCR), Hong Kong, 23-24 Oct, 2010. 

Dorcas, A. (2008). Seeking Counseling in Hong Kong: Reflections from a practicing psychologist.  Paper presented at the 29th International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany, 20-25July 2008.