Dr. LEUNG, Hildie 梁曉廸博士

Assistant Professor

MPhil (CUHK)
BPsych (Hons) (ANU)

2766 5653

Positive Youth Development
Adolescent problem behaviors
Service Leadership
Program Evaluation
Social Psychology
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Positive Emotions
Group Dynamics

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Introduction to Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Tomorrow’s Leaders
Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs

Selected Publications: 

Leung, H., Ma, C.S.M., Shek, D.T.L., & Law, M.Y.M. (in press). Nurturing service leaders through service learning for university students. International Journal on Child and Adolescent Health, 9(2).

Shek, D.T.L., Chung, P.P.Y., & Leung, H. (in press). How unique is the service leadership model? A comparison with contemporary leadership approaches. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 14(3).

Shek, D.T.L., Chung, P.P.Y., & Leung, H. (in press). Manufacturing economy versus service economy: Implications for service leadership. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 14(3).

Shek, D.T.L. & Leung, H. (in press). Service leadership qualities in university students through the lens of student well-being. In D.T.L. Shek & P.P.Y. Chung (Eds). Promoting Service Leadership Qualities in University Students. Singapore: Springer.

Leung, H. (in press). Levels of reflection on teaching a leadership and positive youth development subject. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 14(2).

Shek, D.T.L., Leung, H., Lu, Y., Wu, F.K.Y., Law, M.Y.M., Chan, E.M.L., & Lo, C.K.M. (2015). An evaluation study of the B.E.S.T. Teen Program: A multi-addiction prevention program for young adolescents in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

You, J., Huang, J., Ho, M.Y., Leung, H., Li, C., & Bond, M.H. (2015). Perceived Support and Relational Conflict as Mediators Linking Attachment Orientations with Depressive Symptoms: A Comparison of Dating Individuals from Hong Kong and the United States. Personality and Individual Differences, 73, 50-55.

Shek, D.T.L., Leung, H., & Lu, S. (2014). Perceived Family Life Quality in Junior Secondary School Students in Hong Kong. Social Indicators Research, 117(3), 757-775.

Shek, D.T.L. & Leung, H. (2013). Positive youth development, life satisfaction, and problem behaviors of adolescents in intact and non-intact families in Hong Kong. Frontiers in Pediatrics, 1(18), 1-7.

Shek, D.T.L. & Leung, H. (2013). Development of an integrated intervention model for internet addiction in Hong Kong. International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health, 6(4), 475-486.

Au, W.T., Lu, S., Leung, H., Yam, P., & Fung, J. (2011). Risk and Prisoner’s Dilemma: A Re-interpretation of Coombs’ Re-parameterization. Journal of Behavioral and Decision Making. doi: 10.1002/bdm.743

Leung, H. & Au, W.T. (2010). Chinese cooperation and competition. In M.H. Bond (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology (pp. 499-514). UK: Oxford University Press.

Current Research Projects : 

Youth Addiction Prevention Program project in collaboration with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Integrated Center for Addiction Prevention and Treatment (ICAPT). The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, HK$1 million. (Co-PI)

Development and Validation of Measures Based on the Service Leadership Model. The Victor and William Fung Foundation, HK$5,300,000. (Co-PI)

iDream Project -- An Investigation on Hope and Aspirations in Children and Adolescents in Chinese contexts. Bao Bao Bear Care Foundation Limited, HK$200,000. (PI)