Dr. LU Huijing 陸慧菁博士

Assistant Professor

MPhil (Peking) 
BS (Peking) 

2766 5755

Child and Adolescent Development;
Social Cognition;
Interpersonal Perception in Intimate Relationship;
Parenting and Family Dynamics;
Evolutionary Psychology

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Introductory Psychology 
Developmental Psychology 
Research Methodology

Selected Publications: 

Lu, H. J., & Chang, L. (in press). Parenting and socialization of only children in urban China: An example of authoritative parenting. Journal of Genetic Psychology.
Lu, H. J., & Chang, L. (2012). Automatic attention towards face or body as a function of mating motivation. Evolutionary Psychology, 10, 120-135.
Chang, L., Lu, H. J., & Wu, B. P. (2012). Pathogens promote matrilocal family ties and the copying of foreign religions. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 35, 22-23.
Lu, H. J., & Chang, L. (2011). The association between self-deception and moral self-concept as functions of self-consciousness. Personality and Individual Differences, 51, 845-849.
Chang, L., Lu, H. J., Li, H., & Li, T. (2011). The face that launched a thousand ships: The mating-warring association in men. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37, 976-984.
Lu, H. J., & Chang, L. (2011). Self-deceive to countermine detection. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 34, 33.
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Chang, L., Lu, H. J., Lee, L. N. Y., Li, T., & Sui, S. (2010).Patrilocal residence and father-child resemblance beliefs in relation topaternal investment. Parenting:Science and Practice, 10, 274-285.
Lu, H. J., & Chang, L. (2009). Kinship effect on subjective temporal distance of autobiographical memory. Personality and Individual Differences, 47, 595-598.
Lu, H. J., Su, Y. J., & Wang, Q. (2008). Talking about others facilitates theory of mind in Chinese preschoolers. Developmental Psychology, 44, 1726-1736.