Dr. SIM Boon-wee, Timothy 沈文偉博士

Associate Professor

PhD (HKU) 
MSc (London)
BA (Singapore)
PgD (London)

2766 5015

Disaster management (particularly earthquake disaster risk reduction and response, with a focus on resilience, culture and children)
Practice research development and application in Asia
Family therapy development and application in Asia (particularly multi-family therapy)
Family relationships and Adolescent behavioural problems in Asia (particularly adolescent drug abuse, video gaming addiction, gambling, delinquency and conduct problems)

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Service Learning: Growing resilience of children in post-disaster contexts

Cluster Area Requirements: Coping and addiction; Preparing for disasters & our future    

Massive Open Online Courses: Disaster risk management

Selected Publications: 

Recent Articles

Sim, T., & Dominelli, L. (In press). When the mountains move: A Chinese post-disaster psychosocial work model. Qualitative Social Work. 473325016637912, first published on April 4, 2016 as doi:10.1177/1473325016637912

Sim, T. (In press). International Practice Research Conference (ICPR) Moving East. Research on Social Work Practice, first published on May 23, 2016 as doi:10.1177/1049731516650523

Sim, T., & Lau, V. C. (In press). The Emergence of Social Work Practice Research in the Peoples’ Republic of China: A Literature Review. Research on Social Work Practice, doi:10.1177/1049731516646455.

Sim, T., & Cui, K. (2015). Psychosocial Needs Assessment and Interventions in a Chinese Post-Disaster Community, Health and Social Work, 40(4): 329-32.doi: 10.1093/hsw/hlv061

Epstein, I., Fisher, M., Julkunen, I., Uggerhoj, L., Austin, M. J., & Sim, T. (2015). The New York statement on the evolving definition of practice research designed for continuing dialogue: A bulletin from the 3rd International Conference on Practice Research (2014). Research on Social Work Practice, 25, 711-714.

Liau, A. K., Neo, E. C., Gentile, D., Choo, H., Sim, T., Li, D. D., & Khoo, A. (2015).  Impulsivity, self-regulation and pathological video-gaming: Testing a moderated mediation model. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. 27(2), NP2188–NP2196

Liau, A.K., Choo, H., Li, D., Gentile, D., Sim, T., & Khoo, A. (2015).  Pathological video-game use among youth: A prospective study examining dynamic protective factors. Addiction Research and Theory, 23(4), 301-308.

Choo, H. K., Sim, T., Liau, A., Gentile, D. A., & Khoo, A. (2015). Parental influences on pathological symptoms of video-gaming among children and adolescents: A prospective Study. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24(1), 1429-1441.

Su, G. W., Qi, W. H., Zhang. S. L., Sim, T., Liu, X. S., Sun, R., Sun, L., & Jin, Y. F. (2015). An integrated method combining remote sensing data and local knowledge for the large-scale estimation of seismic loss risks to buildings in the context of rapid socioeconomic growth: A case study in Tangshan, China. Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing, 7(3), 2543-2601; doi:10.3390/rs70302543

NG, G. T., & Sim, T. (2015). Post-disaster school relocation: A case study of Chinese students' experience after the Wenchuan earthquake. International of Social Work, 58(1), 7-22.


Recent Books/Book Chapters

Fisher, M., Austin, M. J., Julkunen, I., Sim, T., Uggerhoj, L., & Isokuortti, N. (2016). Practice research. In Ed Mullen (Ed.). Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work, Oxford University Press. Retrieved on 23rd January 2016 DOI: 10.1093/obo/9780195389678-0232

Sim, T., Cui, K. & Yang, Y.X. (2015). Recent earthquakes in China: the case of Yingxiu Town in Sichuan Province. In Overseas Development Institute (Ed.). Pathways to earthquake resilience in China (pp.48-55). London: Overseas Development Institute.

Sim, T. (2015). Bouncing back together. Social Sciences Academic Press (China) (in Chinese). [沈文伟. (2015). 一起重生. 社会科学文献出版社]

Cui, K., Sim, T. & Dominelli, L. (2015). Earthquake disaster risk reduction policies and programmes in China. In Overseas Development Institute (Ed.). Pathways to earthquake resilience in China (pp.13-19). London: Overseas Development Institute.

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Sim, T., & Chen, H. Q. (2015). Post disaster psychosocial work toolkit for working with children. [In Chinese: 沈文伟、陈会全. (2015). 灾后儿童心理社会工作手册. 社会科学文献出版社]

Current Research Projects : 

Principal Investigator, An Integrative Research Proposal on Promoting Risk-Informed Public Policies for Risk-Resilient Development, February 2016 – February 2018, funded by the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, (Amount funded: HK$2,229,000)

Co-Investigator, Pan-participatory Assessment and Governance of Earthquake Risks in the Ordos Area (PAGER-O), funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China and the Economic and Social Science Research Council, Natural Environment Research Council, and Newton Fund of the United Kingdom, January 2016 to December 2018 (Amount funded: RMB6,000,000 of which RMB800,000 is allocated to PolyU)

Principal investigator, Enhancing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Asia and Pacific Region Health, Urban Planning, Development an Infrastructure Sectors, May 2015 to August 2016, funded by the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, (Amount funded: HK$756,000)

Principal investigator, Developing a Chinese Medical Social Work Model in Post-Disaster Context, January 2015 to December 2016, funded by the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, (Amount funded: HK$359,200)

Principal investigator, Research without frontier: An in-depth study of a trans-disciplinary research, project involving cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-border collaboration (Co-Investigators: Mr. John YOUNG and Dr. CUI Ke), January 2015 to June 2017, funded by Departmental General Research Funds 2014, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Amount funded: HK$90,000)

In-country Principal Investigator (China), Coordinator, Management Team Member in China, Earthquake without frontiers: A partnership for increasing resilience to seismic hazard in the continents, Jul 2012 –Jul 2017, funded by the United Kingdom Natural Environment Research Council and Economic and Research Council [United Kingdom]. (Co-Directors: Prof. James Jackson, Cambridge University; Greg Bankoff, University of Hull; John Young, Overseas Development Institute) (Amount funded: HK$734,832)


Media Interviews

Sim, T. (2015). Building back better in disaster management. Making knowledge sexy. 

Sim, Tim. (2015). Sichuan expanded school mental health network. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

Singh, R. (2014). Internet addiction and online gaming: what do therapists need to know? In Journal of Family Therapy Podcast. 

Sim, T. (2014). (Plenary speaker). A preliminary review of practice research in the Peoples’ Republic of China. In 3rd International Conference on Practice Research on 9th – 11th June 2014, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, New York City, USA. 

Zhong, D. N. (Chief Director) (2013). Strengths of social work in disaster context. [Television series episode]. In Liu, C. L. (Producer), Face to face with the famous, Phoenix Television (First broad casted on 12th May 2013).  [凤凰卫视中文台:名人面对面:社工力量。 2013年5月12日首播. Retrieved 4th August 2013

Professional & Community Service: 
  1. Chair, Organizing Committee, 4th International Conference on Practice Research 

  2. Associate Editor, Journal of Family Therapy

  3. Journal Reviewer

    Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development
    Australian Social Work
    British Journal of Social Work
    Family Process
    International Social Work
    Journal of Family Therapy
    Journal of Social Work
    Qualitative Social Work
    Social Development Issues



2013 Annual Prize (Best article of 2013) of the International Social Work awarded by the International Social Work journal for the article by Sim, T., Yuen-Tsang, A. W. K., Chen, H. Q., & Qi, H. D. (2013). Rising to the occasion: Disaster social work in China on 4th June 2015.

Departmental Best Teaching Award awarded by the Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 9th June 2014.