Prof.PUN Ngai 潘毅教授


PhD (London)
MPhil (HKU)

3400 3021

Social Economy and China Studies

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Pun, Ngai (2005) Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace. Durham: Duke University Press.

潘毅 严海蓉 顾静华古学斌編(2014)《社会经济在中国—超过资本主义社会的理论和实践》,

潘毅 陈凤仪 顾静华 卢燕仪編(2013)《不一样的香港社会经济》,香港:商务出版社。

潘毅 卢晖临 郭于华 沈原編 (2011) 《富士康辉煌背后的连环跳》,香港:商务出版社。

潘毅 卢晖临 张慧鹏 著(2011) 《大工地》,北京:北京大学出版社。

潘毅 黎婉薇編 (2006)《失語者的呼聲:中國女工口述》,北京:三聯書店。

Monographs in Preparation

Dying for an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn and Lives of the Chinese Workers (Roman and Littlefield, 2015) Labor in Post-Socialist China (complete in 2015, Polity Press)

Translated Version

潘毅 (2007) 《中國女工》,香港:明报出版社。(The Chinese version of Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace)

Pun, Ngai (2008) Dagongmei: Arbeiterinnen aus Chinas Weltmarktfbriken erzahlen. Berlin and Hamburg: Assoziation A. (The German version of Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace and the Oral Accounts of Dagongmei)

Pun Ngai (2010) Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace (Polish Version).

Pun Ngai (2011) Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace (French Version).

Pun Ngai and Lu Huilin (2011), “Unvollendete Proletarisierung – Das Selbst, die Wut und die Klassenaktionen der zweiten Generation von BauernarbeiterInnen im heutigen China”, Sozialgeschichte (Social History), Heft 4, S. 36–69.

Pun Ngai and Lu Huilin (2011), “Kultur der Gewalt. Das Subunternehmersystem und kollektive Aktionen von BauarbeiterInnen im postsozialistischen China”, Sozialgeschichte (Social History) Heft 5, S. 38–63

Pun Ngai et al. (2012). Cina, La Società Armoniosa: Sfruttamento e Resistenza Degli Operai Migranti (China, the Harmonious Society: Exploitation and Resistance of Migrant Workers). Translated in Italian by Ferruccio Gambino and Devi Sacchetto. Milano: Jaca Book.

Pun Ngai et al. (2013) iSlaves: Ausbeutung und Widerstand in China’s Foxconn Fabriken (iSlaves: Exploitation and Resistance in China’s Foxconn Factory), Translated by Ralf Ruckus. Vienna: Mandelbaum Kritik & Utopie.


潘毅 (2014)“社会主义国家发展经济的初衷是什么——煤矿工人话语权及主体性消逝的忧思”,《学术前沿》(人民论坛),1 月,页13-22。

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潘毅、卢晖临、张慧鹏(2010)”阶级的形成:建筑工地上的劳动控制与建筑工人的集体抗争”,载《开放时代》,第5 期,第5-26 页。

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任燄 潘毅 (2007) 「跨國勞動過程的空間政治:全球代時代的宿舍勞動体制」,《社會學研究》, 4 月, 頁21-33。

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潘毅 (2005) 「階級的失語與發聲:中國打工妹研究的一種理論視角」,《中國社會科學文摘》,總33 期,6 月,頁14-15。

Pun, Ngai (2003), “Subsumption or Consumption?: The Phantom of Consumer Revolution in Globalizing China”, Cultural Anthropology, 18(4), November, pp.469-492.

Professional & Community Service: 

2010- present     Vice President, RC44 , International Sociological Association
2005- 2006          Executive Member, Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong
2003-2004           Vice-President, Hong Kong Sociological Association
2003- till now      President, The Chinese Working Women Network
1996- 2002          Founder and Ex-co. member, The Chinese Working Women Network