Prof. YUEN TSANG Woon-ki, Angelina 阮曾媛琪教授

Professor; Vice President (Student and Global Affairs)

Med (Manchester)
MSW (Toronto)
BSocSc (HKU)

2766 5252
Research Interests: 

My research interests are mainly on social support networks and community care, social work education, social work practice in China, and occupational social work. In recent years, my research focus is on the indigenization of social work education and practice in the Chinese Mainland. I am currently involved in several research projects in the Chinese Mainland, including social work action research projects in Beijing and Yunnan; oral history projects on Chinese social work educators and Chinese women intellectuals; and a six-city research on the tensions between professionalization and indigenization of social work in China.
Involvement in research projects:

  • Capacity Building Action Research in Shangri-La Mountain Areas in Yunnan
  • Tin Shui Wai Integrated Community-based Capacity Building Project on Family Violence Prevention
  • Professionalization of social service in the Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • Social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
  • Evaluation of the “Rural Medical Assistance Scheme” of China
  • An Action Research on the Cultural Conception of Help and Helpseeking Behaviours among Chinese Families Experiencing Life Crises and its Implications on Social Work
  • Managing Unemployment: A Comparative Study of the Strategies Adopted by the State, Local Governments, and Unemployed Persons in Coping with Unemployment
  • A Study on the Cultural Themes in the Narratives of Chinese Women Experiencing Marital Crises: Hong Kong and Beijing Compared and Contrasted
  • Mediating Tensions between Professionalization and Indigenization: A Participatory Action Research to Develop a Culturally-sensitive Model for Social Work Practice and Education in China
  • Building Community-based Social Work Laboratory to Enhance Professional Competence in Coping with Social and Cultural Transitions
  • An Oral History on the voices of the Chinese women intellectuals
Selected Publications: 

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Professional & Community Service: 

I have been actively involved as board members of numerous local and international NGOs, Government advisory committees, and professional bodies in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and the Asia-Pacific region. The following are some of my key community service involvements:

  • President, International Association of Schools of Social Work ( )
  • Justice of Peace, Hong Kong
  • Member, The Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR
  • Past President and Board Member, Hong Kong Social Workers Association
  • Board of Director, World Vision (Hong Kong)
  • Governor and Executive Committee Member, Keswick Foundation Limited
  • Board Member, Social Workers Registration Board, Hong Kong
  • Executive Board Member, Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council
  • Board of Directors, Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
  • Executive Board Member, Asian Pacific Association for Social Work Education
  • Executive Committee Member, All China Federation of Women, PRC
  • Hon. Board Member, China Social Workers' Association, PRC
  • Board member, International Consortium for Social Development